when i fell

at the end of the party

i tottered up the stairs

after putting my shoes back on,

you waited patiently as i did

I wasn’t expecting you to,

everyone else was already out of the basement

we all said our goodbyes-

in my pleasantly drunken fog,

i held on to you longer than i should have

you turned me upside down that night

when you picked me up

but it was a strong hold even before then




summer is coming to this

icy fortress

following right on his heels

as he approaches,

bringing the sun with him in his smile

the turret stairs he climbs are damp

from the melting ice

dripping from behind the door

what he’s now reached

behind it is the heart of the fortress-

a massive, faintly ticking

block of stone

he touches it

the warmth from his hand

brings it back to life

who knew stone could beat so fast